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#KaiCapische – A Taste of Greece Sunset Cruise

Capische Tasting on the Kai Kanani


Join us for a Taste of Greece on board the Kai Kanani with Capische? restaurant of Wailea.

Chef Chris Kulis will prepare a sampling of Greek cuisine paired with some lovely wines for a sunset cruise on board the Kai Kanani.

A Taste of Greece
House Cured Haiku Lamb

Feta, Hummus. Eggplant

Big Island Ahi,
Cucumber, Shaved Red Onion,
Olives, Cherry Tomatoes

Greek Fisherman Stew of Crispy Island Snapper
Stewed Kula Tomatoes, Sweet Garlic, Fingerling Potatoes

Braised Lamb Leg
Spicy Chickpea Polenta,
Cucumber Dill Salad, Yogurt Snow

Fillo Mac-Nut Crisp, Candy Orange,
Capische Honey Ice Cream

Don’t forget to join us on our social networks using our event hashtag #KaiCapische.

You may book by calling us at (808) 879-7218 or by visiting our page at Kai Kanani Capische