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Kai Kanani tips for preparing for a storm

Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Maui at sunset

Maui at sunset

Hawaiian hurricanes are rare, but as much of the world knows right now, we have not just one, but two hurricanes heading towards Hawaii. The last hurricane to make landfall in the Hawaiian Islands was Hurricane Iniki 22 years ago, which caused extensive damage.

Hurricane Iselle, though downgraded to Tropical Storm has brought with it high winds, heavy rains, and has left tens of thousands of people without electricity.

With advances in hurricane tracking, it is common to have several days to prepare for these storms. Take advantage this lead time to stock up on essentials and double check your emergency plan to make sure everything you need is in place.

As you prepare be sure to  concentrate on:

Non-Perishable Food

It is recommended to stock up on at least 7 days of non-perishable foods.  While Spam and Vienna Sausages tend to be on the top of many lists here in Hawaii, there are healthier options as well such as dried fruits, freeze-dried camping meals, canned vegetables and soups, peanut butter, canned tuna or chicken and multivitamins.

Perishable Food & Ice

If your electricity goes out, keep your refrigerator closed.  With a closed door, your fridge will keep items cold for 24 hours.  Before the storm make sure all your coolers and ice chests are full of ice so you can put perishable items in there.


Plan on 1 gallon of water per person per day.  Instead of buying individual bottles, keep a 5-gallon jug on hand and fill that.  In a hurry, it could always be filled from the hose.  Bathtubs, top loading washing machines and garbage cans can also be filled for use.

If tapwater is cloudy after a storm, filter it through a clean cloth and boil it.  Along with boiling, there are many other ways to disinfect possibly polluted water. Be sure to learn a method that works best for you and your family.

Other items you should stock up on in the event of a storm:

Batteries (C & D are always the first to leave the shelves)


First Aid Kit


Pet Food



Can Opener

Baby Wipes or Moist Towlettes

Garbage Bags

Phone Charger

Flashlight or lantern

There are several online sites that help in an emergency

Maui County Website lists storms, road closures, emergency shelters and more.  You can sign up for up to date notifications to your email or phone.

American Red Cross 

The following sites are great for tracking weather

National Weather Service

Hawaii Weather Today 

NWS Radar Loop

Stay in touch with neighbors and friends to make sure everyone in your Maui Ohana is taken care of.  Remember that just because it wasn’t as bad as you expected, doesn’t mean it won’t be next time.

A special thank you from Kai Kanani to our worldwide family for the outpouring of support and well-wishes for our crew as they brave the storm, keeping Kai Kanani afloat, safe, and ready for your next island adventure.

Kai Kanani Crew