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From the Deck 2/26/15

Sailing, snokeling

Never been out with Kai Kanani – or looking to remember the good times from your past vacation? Join Melissa as she chronicles a recent trip aboard Kai Kanani II.

8:15 am –  The Journey Begins

Our plan today is to snorkel at Molokini and Turtle Town and see some whales.

We arrive at Maluaka Beach and head to the beach activity shack at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort. We check in, read a quick Molokini snorkel guideline, and make our way down to the beach where crew member Sarah is waiting to meet us and guide us through the boarding process.Fun at Maluaka Beach

9:00 am – We’re Aboard Kai Kanani and underway with fresh food and drinks in hand

As the boat pulls in other crew members come down the ladder and into the water to give us a hand with our bags and to watch the waves.

Captain Anthony says Aloha to Kai Kanani guests in Makena, Maui, HI

Captain Anthony

Once we are on board Captain Anthony comes down into the cabin and greets us with a smile and a very happy “Aloha”.

He gives us a thorough Coast Guard briefing (yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s always good to know where the life jackets are on the boat, even if you never use them)  and shows us where all the important things on the boat are, like the heads (on shore these are called bathrooms).  Afterward we dine on muffins, fruit, coffee and fresh juices.  Captain Anthony says we are going out to Molokini first, but to keep an eye out for whales on the way there and back.

AIMG_3515lmost everyone moves to the front of the boat to get a nice view.  The crew comes around to fit us with snorkel gear. Afterward crew member Freddy teaches a beginning snorkel class.  The class is very helpful for several people on board who are first time snorkelers and it serves as a good refresher for those who haven’t snorkeled recently.

9:15 am – On our way with Whales in the Distance

Molokini, Maui, Hawaii

Molokini, Maui, Hawaii

On our way out we see several whales jumping and splashing in the distance.  Everyone gets very excited. We cruise around the backside of Molokini and then make our entrance into Molokini Crater. Captain Anthony steers us inside the crater while crew members  Mandy, Dave, & Sarah get the boat tied up at the permanent moorings.

Mandy & Dave help Kai Kanani Snorkelers

Mandy & Dave help Kai Kanani Snorkelers

9:30 am – In the water and loving it!IMG_3540

Captain Anthony tells us the good places to swim to see fish and Mandy & Dave jump in the water with surfboards to be our lifeguards and naturalists.  Mandy hands out boogie boards for guests to use and Dave takes two ladies on his surfboard that are afraid to swim by themselves. Mandy and Dave point out different types of marine life.  We see eels, sea cucumbers, jacks, parrotfish and more.IMG_3558


When we have our fill of snorkeling we come back to the boat where the crew is waiting to help us back up the ladder. Back in the cabin, there are chips and veggies and dips, sodas & juices.  This is  just the refreshment we need to power up for what’s next.

10:30 am – Interrupted by whales on our way to Turtle Town!

We leave Molokini and head over to Turtle Town.

On our way there Freddy tells us all about the Green Sea Turtles and the best ways to swim with these protected animals. Right in the middle of Freddy’s talk he has to stop because we see five whales at once and they catch everyIMG_3571one’s attention.

One of the whales swims right up by the boat and at the same time, another is slapping its tail over and over again in the near distance.  It is so exciting to see the enormous animals, especially so close.  After a while the whale swims away and we continue our trip to Turtle Town.

11:15 Trip resumed and Hello Turtle Town!


IMG_3588Upon our arrival to Turtle Town Freddy & Sarah jump in the water with us on surfboards to lifeguard and help us find turtles.  Freddy takes a girl who can’t swim well on his surfboard.  Our group sees turtles of all different sizes.

Once we get our turtle photos we make our way back to the boat where lunch is waiting and Captain Anthony & Dave have opened up the bar.  Mandy takes our snorkel gear for us and we head right on in to eat.

12:15 pm Lunch is served and the bar is open

Lunch is ready and the bar is flowing! We make deli sandwiches and sample the different frIMG_3598esh salads.  After lunch we hoist a cocktail and head up to the nets on the front of the boat to relax.  Captain Anthony unfurls the sail and just like that we are laying in the sun, sailing along the coastline in Wailea.  We see even more whales in the distance.

1 pm headed back to shore

We are headed back to shore and Captain Anthony thanks us all for coming. Dave, Freddy, Mandy & Sarah help us off the boat. With the warm sand between our toes and the rest of the day open to us, we congratulate each other on a great adventure and head back to the van.

Kai Kanani Beach Loading

Kai Kanani Beach Loading

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Repeat Guests Claude & Carrie "Our Favorite Boat"

Repeat Guests Claude & Carrie “Our Favorite Boat”