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From the Deck 3/19/15

Aloha!  It’s a beautiful Thursday morning in the middle of Spring Break here in Maui and we are just about to board the Kai Kanani 2 for the Molokini Deluxe snorkel trip.  The sun in shining and the sky is blue and we are ready to head out for a morning of snorkeling.

Fun at Maluaka Beach8:30 – One of the nice things about this trip is we can sleep in a little and don’t have to be at the Makena Beach and Golf Resort for check in until 8:30.  We are here for check in and Terrin is ready to take everyone’s names and direct us down to the beach for briefing by Gunnar.

Freddy and Gunnar helps passengers board the Kai Kanani in Makena, Maui, Hawaii

9:00 – The boat pulls into Maluaka Beach to pick us up and crew members Fred & Gunner help us on board.  After a quick briefing from Captain Cary, we help ourselves to some fresh pineapple, muffins and coffee.  Once we have some snacks, we head up to the bow to watch for whales on our way out to Molokini.  It’s a quick ride. We see several whales splashing in the distance.

Kai Kanani passengers watch for whales on the way to Molokini

10:00 – We circumnavigate Molokini and see that there is a bit of wind coming into the inside Molokini.  As we come around the back we see a mom and calf Humpback Whale and Captain Cary stops the boat so we can watch them. Once they are gone, Captain Cary announces that this nice calm area will be our first snorkel location.  As we jump in, there are an amazing number of butterflyfish, needlefish and and other schooling fish.  I dive about 5-10 feet under the water and listen to the whales sing.

Cheryl from Alaska enjoys snorkeling on the back wall of Molokini with Kai Kanani

Cheryl from Alaska enjoys snorkeling on the back wall of Molokini with Kai Kanani

11:00 – We are back on board the Kai Kanani 2 and on our way to Turtle Town.  On our way we have plenty more snacks as Sarah has put out chips & veggies to snack on. Gunnar comes around to spray everyone’s masks with defog to keep our masks from fogging up. That way it will be easier to see the turtles.  We see several more whales splashing in the distance much to the delight of our guests.

Snorkel preparation on the Kai Kanani

Snorkel preparation on the Kai Kanani

11:30 – We arrive at Turtle Town and Mandy and Fred hop in the water with us to help find turtles.  The area we are at is near Makena Landing and we get to snorkel the inside reef which is nicely protected from the wind.  We see many turtles and fish, but my personal favorite is the turtle we see foraging for food in the sand (TURTLE VIDEO) and the Purple Velvet Sea Star.

Purple Velvet Sea Star seen by Kai Kanani Snorkelers in Makena

12:30 – Once on board, lunch is ready and the bar is flowing for our guests.  Captain Cary takes us a few hundred yards off shore and right next to us another mom and calf Humpback Whale surface.  With the Kai Kanani engines shut down, these gentle giants swim around our boat splashing their tails much to the amusement of us all.  No matter how many times you see a whale, it’s always exciting to see one again. Especially when they close like this.

Mandy helps Kai Kanani guests find turtles in Makena, Maui, Hawaii

1:00 – We arrive back onshore to Makena all smiles and laughter.  We have seen so many beautiful marine creatures today.  Cheryl from Alaska has been out to Molokini many times, but this is her first time with Kai Kanani “It’s a trip like no other. I’ve never snorkeled the back of Molokini before” she says. “And I’m so happy we don’t have to make that long boat ride back to to the harbor.”

Join us for the Molokini Deluxe snorkel tour daily from 9:00AM-1:00PM.