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From the Deck 8/27/15

Good Morning!  We are off for another aquatic adventure aboard Kai Kanani 2.  Today we are about to board the Molokini Deluxe snorkel trip from Maluaka Beach in Makena. It is a beautiful day with blue skies and calm seas.

Getting ready to board the Kai Kanani

8:30 We check in and join crew member Abby at the beach.  There are some mid sized waves coming into the shoreline. Abby briefs us on the beach, Kai Kanani boarding procedures, and gets us excited for our soon to come adventure.

9:00 Everyone is aboard and Captain Cary introduces us to our friendly crew of Abby, Diana, Tim, Sarah, and Will.  Captain Cary relays that these folks will be our lifeguards, naturalists, food servers and bartenders for the day.


9:30 We are well on our way to our first snorkel location. Captain Cary puts it up to a vote – Turtle Town first or Molokini? At this moment there are no other boats at Turtle Town and many at Molokini, so everyone votes to go to the less crowded Turtle Town first.  On our way there, our crew fits everyone with snorkel gear. There are prescription masks for those who are near-sighted.

Turtle Talk 101 with Tim

As we pull into the area know as Nahuna Point, Tim gives us all some great information about swimming with the turtles and the best practices for taking photos without scaring them away.

As we get into the water to snorkel, Sarah and Diana hop in on surfboards to lifeguard and help us find the turtles.

Sarah lifeguarding

Once in the water Diana swims over and immediately spots a large green sea turtle.  We all swim over to take photos.  Several more turtles pop up while we are at this beautiful location. Green Sea Turtle

10: 30 Capt Cary calls us back to the boat and once aboard, there are veggies, chips & drinks to engergize us for the next snorkel location.  It’s a quick ride out to Molokini which is only 3 miles away.  On the way there, Will throws a couple fishing lines in the water in hopes of catching dinner.


Captain Cary expertly navigates the boat around the backside of Molokini so we can see the dramatic drop off to 200 feet.  MolokiniOnce we have pulled into the small islet, Diana and Will tie up the boat to one of the permanent moorings that are installed so that we don’t anchor anywhere near the fragile coral reef.

Diana &; Will

After the Kai Kanani 2 is tied up, Tim and Abby hop in the water as lifeguards and are out there to help point out fish.  The crystal clear water has an abundance of marine life and we see butterflyfish, tangs and triggerfish.Molokini Fish

While swimming along the shallower area we see a bright green & pink fish – the colorful Christmas Wrasse.

Christmas Wrasse

We swim above beautiful coral formations  and suddenly we see a large Yellowmargin Moray Eel watching us from the reef.

Yellowmargin Moray EelThe eel slowly slides out of the reef until his whole body is in view.  Much to the delight of our snorkelers, the eel gives everybody time to photograph it.

After getting all the photos and videos that our cameras can hold, we hear Captain Cary signal that our snorkel time is finished and what’s that he’s saying? “Mai Tai’s and beers are being served with lunch!” Woo hoo!!  Everybody quickly makes their way back to the boat.

Capt Cary does roll callOnce aboard, Captain Cary does a thorough roll call to make sure everyone is present and accounted for. As we leave Molokini, lunch is served and drinks are poured.


Kai Kanani lunch salads

We take a leisurely sail along the Makena Coastline and before we know it we are back at Maluaka Beach in Makena. There are still a few waves coming into shore and our crew is great at timing the waves with unloading so we don’t get too wet.

Maluaka Beach, MakenaIt’s been a beautiful day out on the Molokini Deluxe snorkel trip with the Captain and crew of Kai Kanani 2.