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From the Deck 10/8/15

8:30 AM We have just finished checking in for the Molokini Deluxe snorkel trip and we are excited for a fun day on the water. It’s fall break here in Maui which means we have local school kids aboard, so we know it will be an extra fun day.

Tim & Diana

9:00 AM Terrin greets us all on the beach and tells us a little about  the best way to board  Kai Kanani 2.  The boat slowly pulls up to the beach and crew members Tim and Diana greet us and help us onto the deck.

Captain Anthony

9:15 We are settled on the boat,  but before we go Captain Anthony greets us and goes over a quick roll call to make sure that whoever leaves with us comes back with us, too. We help ourselves to hot coffee, muffins, and fresh fruit.


There is plenty of room inside the cabin to sit in the shade, but we opt to head to the front of the boat to bask in the sunshine.  Tim fits us with snorkel gear and even has an optical mask with a -4.0 prescription for one of the guests.

Tim fits snorkel gear on the Kai Kanani

9:30 We arrive to Molokini and crew members Terrin and Sarah secure the boat lines. We use a permanent mooring  system to protect living coral. Sarah & TerrinCaptain Anthony fills us in on all the good places to snorkel in Molokini. Crew members Sarah and Terrin, (who are both marine naturalists) jump in the water on surf boards. They help us with snorkel gear and interpret an astounding array of marine life. Sarah

Sarah points out a brightly colored parrot fish munching on the coral next to a red pencil urchin.

Parrotfish                              Our guest Chellsie and her son are all smiles.


Then we see a yellow tail coris, which is a type of Wrasse. As a juvenile, this purple and green-colored fish has the coloring and markings of a clown fish (of Finding Nemo fame). Yellow Tail Coris
Just below us a sleek Trumpetfish glides by, but when we take its photo an Opelu jumps into the shot.  There are a lot of Opelu swimming around Molokini today.

Trumpet FishTrumpetfish at Molokini






We notice a coral head that is a half white and half lavender in color.  This is from an increase in water temperatures that’s led to a global epidemic of coral bleaching.

Stressed coral

It’s almost time to head back to the boat when we spot a Merman!

IMG_5612Ok not really, but he sure has his diving skills down. Plus, check out all those Black Durgon Triggerfish!

Merman10:40 We head back to the boat and Captain Anthony has all sorts of snacks and drinks for us.  He does a quick roll call and then we are off to Turtle Town.

CruditeSome guests, like Keone, keep an eye out for any whales or dolphin sightings.Keoni


Others, like Chellsie and her family, just relax with their families.

Chellsie11:00 We arrive at Turtle Town and everybody is anxious to get in and swim with turtles. The crew encourages us to give them extra room so they can surface and breathe. And we don’t want to scare them away.


Tim and Diana are our crew members and turtle spotters in the water and it’s not long before they are both pointing out turtles. Some are being cleaned by fish which are eating the algae off the turtles’ shells.

Turtle       Other turtles make a quick appearance at the surface for air and then swim back down into underwater caves to rest.


There is so much marine life to see here, we even see a cushion sea star.

Can you see it in this photo?

Sea Star

There a several oysters at this site as well.


12:15 – It’s time to go back to the boat and there is a full buffet lunch set out.  Cocktails are being served by our fantastic crew and Captain Anthony has declared the wind just perfect for sailing!

                                                           He does a quick roll callRoll Call

                                          And with a little help from some young helpers….

Young sailors

We are sailing!Sailing           It’s a beautiful afternoon with the breeze just perfect for a nice sail along the coastline.

Girls on the Kai Kanani

      1:00 Our passengers are all smiles as we head back to shore!  It’s been an amazing day on  Kai Kanani 2 and we can’t wait to do it again!