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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Snorkeling in Maui

If you’ve never had the life-changing experience of snorkeling in Maui, then there’s a lot you might not know about it. Snorkeling enthusiasts all agree that Maui offers some of the best snorkeling opportunities in all of the world. Read the rest of this article to learn 10 new things you probably didn’t know about snorkeling in Maui!

Maui Snorkeling is Unmatched

Chances are, even if you’ve never been to Maui yourself, you’ve heard of just how beautiful the island is. Even if you haven’t, then at least you know that Hawaii is a favorite vacation destination for millions of people! Not only is Maui pretty nice to look at, but it makes for some out-of-this-world snorkeling!

The waters surrounding Maui are very clear, which means that you can see fish up to hundreds of feet away. There are also several beaches that are home to quiet, undisturbed bodies of water. At these beaches, you can easily see dozens of different types of fish and aquatic life, making it a perfect place in which to snorkel!

There are a few other things you might want to know about snorkeling in Maui. These definitely aren’t things you’d know unless you’ve been here or someone told you already. Check them out, and they just might inspire you to see what Maui snorkeling is all about!

Sand Comes in Many Colors

One of the most exciting things about snorkeling in Maui is the sand! If you thought the fish were colorful, just wait until you get a look at some of the beaches. Gold sand is fairly common, but you can also find red, black, white, and even green sand! Most of these sand colors are pretty rare, but there are only four green sand beaches in the entire world and Maui just happens to have one!

Over 30 Miles of Beach

Not only are Maui’s beaches spectacularly colorful, but there are also a ton of them. The island of Maui has more than 120 miles of coastline, ¼ of which is represented by beaches. One of the greatest things about this is that, at each beach you snorkel, you’ll have a slightly different experience of fish and creatures that you see!

Sharks Aren’t So Deadly

One creature that you probably won’t see, unless you’re really lucky, is a shark. You might be thinking that this is a good thing, but most of the sharks near Maui aren’t actually aggressive. Some shark attacks do happen on Maui, but a good number of them happen as a result of the person taunting and/or getting too close to the shark. If you do see a shark, admire it from a distance.

Look, But Don’t Touch

As a matter of fact, admire every creature you see from a distance. You should never touch or feed any of the wildlife that you see. These creatures are in their natural habitat and are not domesticated, so you never know how they will behave. For both your and their safety, give every creature you see plenty of space and never try to touch them!

Honolua Bay is a Marine Reserve

Part of the reason you don’t want to touch anything is that some of the waters are part of a marine reserve. Honolua Bay is one of these such reserves and is home to a variety of majestic creatures. If you’re lucky, you might see a spinner dolphin or green sea turtle here, but you’ll mainly see a lot of colorful fish.

Endemic Species Aplenty

Maui is also home to some of Hawaii’s endemic species. These are creatures and fish that are only found here in Hawaii, so it makes them extremely rare! Most of these species are endangered or at risk of it. One of the most iconic endemic creatures is the Hawaiian monk seal of which there are just more than 1,000 of them still alive. If you ever do see a Hawaiian monk seal, that’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Sunscreen Ingredients Matter

Another important thing to know is that the ingredients of your sunscreen matter. The coral reefs of the region are vulnerable to toxic chemicals found in many sunscreens. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use sunscreen, but you need to avoid any that contains oxybenzone and octinoxate. Fortunately there are plenty of places on the island where you can buy coral reef-friendly sunscreen!  

The Sun is Deceptive

Don’t think that you can go out without that coral reef-friendly sunscreen either! The air in Hawaii is actually quite humid, which makes the sun feel less intense than it is. In actuality, the sunlight you receive is very direct because Hawaii is in the tropics. This means that you can easily burn your skin without realizing it, so don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

When it Rains, it Pours

While it is sunny most of the time in Maui, sometimes it flips in the blink of an eye. The tropics are known for having dramatic weather and sometimes, that turns into a flash flood. While it might be sunny and pleasant one moment, it can turn into a constant downpour the next second. Stay updated with any weather alerts in case there are warnings of potential flooding.

Seeing is Believing

Finally, seeing is believing when it comes to snorkeling in Maui! You can read about Maui all you want, but you’ll never really know what it feels and looks like until you go there! It’s one thing to know that whales are big, but it’s another thing to see just how big one is as it breaches the water. You definitely won’t regret a snorkeling trip to Maui!

Planning Your Next Trip to Maui!

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