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5 Thrilling Activities to Extend the Adventure of a Maui Snorkeling Trip

Anytime you think about planning a trip to the tropical shores of Maui, Hawaii, the first thing that probably comes to mind is some serene snorkeling! Maui is indeed an excellent spot to snorkel, but sometimes you need some variety to make your trip even more memorable! Check out some alternative activities in this article that you can enjoy to allow you to savor the time you do spend snorkeling!

Maui Snorkeling is a Blast!

Snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts alike have all raved about how wonderful Maui is for underwater sights and exploration! The best environment for any form of snorkeling is tropical with a fairly warm annual climate, which perfectly describes Maui!

Not only does Maui offer an optimal climate, but the island’s natural geographical design creates several sheltered bays of water. These sheltered bays allow beautifully vibrant fish and other ocean life to thrive, providing you with a one-of-a-kind visual experience that you quite literally can’t find anywhere else in the world!

Those two factors are the most influential in creating amazing snorkeling opportunities in Maui. Because of this, it makes it almost impossible to snorkel in Maui without having a great time! If you don’t have vacation plans yet or need some extra convincing, you certainly won’t be disappointed by a trip to Maui!

Activities for More Fun!

There is no secret that snorkeling is a huge draw for tourists looking to visit Maui. Snorkeling is definitely an activity you don’t get to try during your everyday life, so you’re bound to enjoy it at least the first time or two.

If you’re on a vacation lasting several days, you might be wanting to try something other than snorkeling. This is nothing against snorkeling, but when you do anything for multiple days in a row, it can start to feel a little mundane. Fortunately, there are several other thrilling activities you can enjoy in Maui!


Another solid way of enjoying the water is opting to rent a kayak! Kayaking is not unique to Hawaii, but the kayaking experience you’ll have there is much more enjoyable than other local areas you may be familiar with. It is also a great way of enjoying the sights of the water without needing to get yourself wet!

A kayak is a long, thin shaped boating craft that is often made of tough plastic or fiberglass. There are kayaks with room for one or several passengers depending on the design. All kayaks are propelled manually by paddling with oars but often assisted with steering through the use of a rudder.


Another activity to let you have fun in the water is by paddleboarding! Any location that is good for snorkeling also tends to be great for paddleboarding, as both activities benefit from calm and clear waters.

Paddleboards are similar to a surfboard, but you use one by standing upright on a paddleboard using a paddle to maneuver yourself around. You can also try boogie boarding, which is a safer way of surfing small waves that reach the beach. Any kind of water board sport (paddleboarding, surfing, boogie boarding) does require balance and body control, so keep these in mind if you want something more active.

Whale Watching

There are many ways to make a splash while swimming in the water, but there are also fun methods that don’t require you to leave the shore! One particular activity that fulfills this description is whale watching! You can find whales in just about any body of ocean water, but whale sightings are an everyday occurence in Maui!

As a matter of fact, Maui is home to one of the largest humpback whale populations in the entire world! This means you have the best opportunity to catch the majestic acrobatics for which humpback whales are famous! You may see a different whale breed on rare occasion, but humpbacks are most common and most likely to breach the surface of the water.

Relaxing Cruise

Another way to indirectly enjoy the water is by going on a relaxing boat cruise! Kayaking is fantastic for staying out of the water, but you’re literally inches away from it and there is always the possibility of capsizing! Sailing on a cruise ship is an even better way of staying on the water without being directly next to it.

Maui has several different cruise ships that each offer a slightly different purpose. You can find a cruise designed to show you dolphins and whales, or maybe you’d even be interested in one that takes you to excellent snorkeling locations! Not all cruises are the same, but there are so many to choose from that you can certainly find one to love!

Experience a Luau

Another iconic feature Hawaii has to offer is the communal luau! The concept of a luau is not necessarily native to Maui, but the flair, theme, and execution of Hawaiian luaus is par to none!

A luau is essentially a large feast with several people that offers delicious food paired with lively entertainment! It is the best way to enjoy the flavors of Hawaii in a relaxed, happy setting! If you’ve ever seen or heard of hula dancers, you’ll find them at a tasty luau!

Planning Your Maui Vacation

Considering that thousands of people flock to Hawaii each summer for a pleasant sunny getaway, it really is no secret that Maui is a lovely place for vacationing. The biggest attraction of the area is certainly some tropical snorkeling, but that doesn’t mean that the region doesn’t have much more to offer!

When you make your next trip to Maui, plan to add some variety in your activity schedule! You’ll undoubtedly want to snorkel several times, but consider kayaking or paddleboarding too! If you want to stay out of the water, try whale watching from afar or even going on a relaxing cruise! After a day filled with adventure, wind down at a delicious Hawaiian luau!

If the prospect of relaxing on the golden beaches of Maui and viewing the lively oceanic life found there sounds good to you, you need to plan a vacation for this summer! The best way to enjoy any snorkeling trip is to go on a tour with Kai Kanani! On a tour, you’ll be taken directly to the best locations the island has to offer! Paired with expert knowledge and incredible snorkeling sights, you won’t want to miss out on a tour!

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