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7 Hidden Secrets of Maui That You Need to Know!

When it comes to enjoying the island of Maui, there are definitely many great attractions for you to choose from. Whether you want to soak up the sun on one of several beaches or experience the local culture, you can’t really go wrong. Nonetheless, you can guarantee a great vacation by learning about the island’s secrets beforehand. Fortunately for you, we have seven of them on the rest of this page!

Maui Has Lots to Offer

Literally millions of tourists go to visit Maui every year. Many people residing within the U.S. view the islands of Hawaii as an excellent vacation destination due to the pleasant yearly temperatures and relaxing atmosphere. If you plan on visiting, you might be content to just lay on the beach and do some swimming, but there are plenty of secret places on the island that you might enjoy exploring more! 

#1 – Hana Lava Tube

The first secret of Maui is the Hana Lava Tube. These caves were formed as a result of fresh molten lava erupting from underground. The lava then made its way towards the ocean. A layer of lava hardened atop the caves, but this allowed molten lava to continue flowing beneath this, which in turn created the Hana Lava Tube. Inside the tube you can see stalagmites, stalactites, and several cave split-offs to explore! It is the largest lava tube in Maui and only half of the interior has even been discovered!

#2 – Makawao Forest

If you are in the mood for a relaxed hike, then Makawao Forest is the place to go! The rainforest is filled with tall trees and features a 6-mile trail loops to meander through. Unlike the beach, Makawao Forest will be quite cool and will give you a break from the warmth of the sun. You can also get some great views of the water here because the forest is located 2,500 feet up from sea level. Best of all, the trail will be fairly quiet aside from birdsongs, so this is a great place to get lost in nature.

#3 – Pa’ako Beach

Pa’ako Beach is known as Secret Cove, but it is ironically less of a secret nowadays due to how beautiful the scenery is. This is often a prized destination for weddings and the beach is typically filled with other swimmers. Nonetheless, this is an amazing place to watch the sun set or rise. Especially if you’re looking to take some jaw dropping photos, Pa’ako Beach is definitely a perfect scene for it. 

#4 – Haleakala Crater

Most tourists flock to the beaches and water-based areas in Maui, but there are plenty of incredible sights to see on the mainland itself. One of these is known as Haleakala Crater, found towards the southeast of the island. Haleakala is an absolutely massive dormant volcano with an entirely eroded mountain top. After the top was destroyed, lava flowed back into the crater to create the crater’s floor. Haleakala is destined to erupt again in the future, but not anytime in the next few centuries. For now, you can simply enjoy the amazing natural formations.

#5 – Nakalele Blowhole

Over on the opposite side of Maui, you can find Nakalele Blowhole. Waves of sea water get trapped inside a lava tube underneath the blowhole and force it out through a geyser in the rock. Nakalele Blowhole can erupt quite often depending on how windy it is and will forcefully shoot water upwards for dozens of feet. When looking at the blowhole, you can often see a rainbow in the water that shoots upwards. If you look to your behind, then you can see a natural heart-shaped hole in the rock formations. Keep to the dry rocks near Nakalele Blowhole to avoid any injury!

#6 – Garden of Eden

If you want to get lost in nature, then the Garden of Eden is the best spot to visit. The botanical garden is found along the Road to Hana and features 26 acres of beautiful tropical trees, flowers, and plants. There are multiple paths you can follow and trees are often labelled so that you know what you’re looking at. This is also the location where the opening scene of Jurassic Park was filmed! In addition to the green scenery, there are also some wonderful waterfalls and great views of the ocean.

#7 – Hale Ho’omana Spa

The last secret of Maui is found at the Hale Ho’omana Spa. This spa focuses on traditional Hawaiian healing and massage therapy, using the techniques of Lomi Lomi to rejuvenate both your mind and body. Lomi Lomi typically uses flowing movements with the forearm and has a focus on spirituality. A spa treatment at Hale Ho’omana will help to promote your mental, physical, and spiritual health to allow you to fully relax on your Maui vacation. There are few places where you can experience traditional Hawaiian healing techniques, but Hale Ho’omana Spa is one of them!

Don’t Forget About Snorkeling!

With so many tourists visiting Maui annually, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you go to a destination hotspot. Most of the island’s secrets are well known, but there are still some hidden beauties that can offer you a slice of serenity. Pa’ako Beach and Haleakala Crater are definitely the most crowded of all, but the scenery will make a trip well worth it. If you enjoy a hike, then Makawao Forest and the Garden of Eden will suit you well. If lava tubes are your cup of tea, then check out Hana Lava Tube to explore one or Nakalele Blowhole to see a natural geyser. Alternatively, the Hale Ho’omana Spa will give you a true sense of relaxation with the use of Lomi Lomi massage. 

There are certainly plenty of secrets to Maui for you to discover, but that doesn’t mean that you should pass up on some well known gems. Snorkeling is definitely one of the most appealing features the island has to offer! Here at Kai Kanani, we have 30 years of experience sailing the local waters to find the absolute best spots for snorkeling. Let us show you the true beauty of Maui’s water by booking a snorkeling tour and leaving the rest to us!

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