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Been a while since you snorkeled? Here’s a refresher.

Aloha friends! The other day, I had a chance to run down to the ocean from our upcountry home and take a dip in the ocean. As usual, I had my snorkel gear so I cruised the south reef off of our home beach, Maluaka. I love this reef and have learned just about every inch of it over the years.

Then it occurred to me: our mainland friends haven’t gotten to do this in a while. Maybe they forgot how to snorkel!

No worries. Our friend Thomas has written some really helpful refresher tips on snorkeling for those who are getting ready to come back to Maui this winter. As the island opens up, that means Kai Kanani is hoping to open back up soon as well. Time to polish up on your water skills!

Enjoy this awesome blog and we hope to see you soon! 


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