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Beginner’s Guide to a Thrilling Snorkeling Experience in Maui!

If you’ve never been to the warm sunny beaches of South Maui to enjoy some relaxed snorkeling, this summer is the time to plan a getaway! The incredibly clear and calm waters of Maui’s beaches are second to none for their viewing selection of vibrant tropical fish, coral reef, and majestic sea creatures! Check out the rest of this article to learn some important tips for your first snorkeling trip in Maui!

Maui Has Incredible Snorkeling

Yes, it is no longer a secret. The tropical island of Maui, Hawaii truly has some of the best snorkeling locations in the entire world! Some of the fish you’ll see here can’t be seen anywhere else! This makes Maui a one-of-a-kind experience you don’t want to miss!

What makes Maui such an ideal destination for snorkeling? There are many reasons why Maui is quite literally perfect for snorkeling! First, Hawaii has a tropical climate, meaning that there is annual average temperature of around 75°F. This high annual temperature creates a very pleasant and warm atmosphere, also allowing waters near the beach to reach an acceptable temperature.

Second, the way Hawaii is shaped has created beaches that have natural geographic protection from ocean waves. This makes these bays of water stay quite still, which allows for incredible visibility. This combination of tropical environment and calm water is perfect for colorful fish and awesome ocean creatures to thrive. The fact that the water is crystal-clear is what allows for some really awesome sights.

Information to Know

There are thousands of things you could learn before snorkeling, but not everything is absolutely essential! Here are some of the more important aspects to snorkeling in south Maui for the first time:

  • Learn How to Use Your Gear Beforehand – This may seem like common sense, but some people try to snorkel before understanding how their gear works. Even if you’re an experienced swimmer, you probably haven’t used a clunky face mask and some large fins with it. You’ll want to take some time to understand what each piece does and how it works before you even get in the water. By then, you’ll need to understand how to use it already.
  • Relax in the Water – If you’re comfortable with the water, you’re a lucky person, but most people aren’t perfectly at ease in the ocean. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but you should try your best to relax in the water! If you struggle too much because you’re afraid of drowning, you’ll expend extra effort, requiring you to leave the water sooner. If you take time to center yourself and steady your breathing, you can reach a calm state to let you carefully observe the wonderful sights beneath you!
  • Take What You Can Handle – Yes, knowing how to swim is a huge benefit for snorkeling. If you can swim, you can go further out into the ocean, and you can even dive below the surface. This lets you see even more beautiful fish as opposed to staying on the surface right next to the beach. On the other hand, if you aren’t comfortable in the water, do not try to swim to areas that are farther out or dive below the surface just to see what is there. Your safety is your number one priority!

Finding a Spot

Maui has many beaches that offer some great snorkeling. You can snorkel just about anywhere along the southwestern coast of Maui, but depending upon where you go, you’ll have a different viewing experience! Here are some of the most popular places in Maui:

  • Turtle Town – If the name doesn’t give it away, Turtle Town is revered for all of the majestic sea turtles you can see here! You can see green turtles, but if you’re lucky, you’ll also spot a leatherback turtle! You can find Turtle Town towards the southernmost end of Maui.
  • Molokini Crater – One of the biggest attractions in all of Hawaii is Molokini Crater! It is quite literally a volcanic crater and has the best spot for beautifully clear waters! You can see dozens of tropical fish varieties here, but you can also spot turtles!
  • Makena Beach – Makena Beach is one of the best beaches in all of Maui! What really gives Makena some intrigue is the knowledge that there are several unexplored water caves beneath the beach! You probably won’t want to explore them, but if you do, you might run across a shark!

How to Snorkel

If you don’t actually know how to snorkel, you’re also not alone there! Many people might make it seem effortless, but it does require some knowledge and effort. Here’s your basic rundown on how to snorkel:

  1.   Make sure all your gear is on properly and working correctly!
  2.   Slowly wade out towards the water you want to snorkel in, taking note of any waves or currents present.
  3.   Put your face and snorkeling mask into the water.
  4.   Adjust your snorkel so it is above the water so you can breathe.
  5.   Let your body naturally shift into a floating position, with your stomach facing the water.
  6.   Look at all the gorgeous tropical fish and underwater sights!
  7.   When you want to move around, keep your arms relaxed at your sides and use your flippers to push yourself around!
  8.   Make sure to take slow, steady, and even breaths. Be careful not to exert yourself. Your goal is to become as relaxed as possible!

The Best Way to Snorkel in South Maui!

Snorkeling is truly a wonderful experience. Everyone has to be a beginner sometimes, and if you’ve never snorkeled in Maui, that would mean you! Above all, the most important thing to know when snorkeling is to relax! Snorkeling is meant to be an enjoyable experience, but if you’re worrying about drowning, you definitely won’t enjoy yourself!

Thousands of people wouldn’t head to Maui every year for snorkeling if it wasn’t incredibly fun! The fish and creatures you’ll see in Maui are truly unique. If you want to put your beginner snorkeling skills to the test, book a snorkeling tour with Kai Kanani today! You’ll wonder what took you so long to hit the water!