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When is the Best Time to Visit Maui?

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Are you looking to get away from the crowd, or to join in the fun?

Our greatest visitor numbers occur when school is not in session – so just look at the average school calendar and you’ll know when our beaches fill up. That means Spring Break, Christmas Break and especially summertime are busy times. Those are great times to make new friends – in fact, we’ve seen families that met here on vacation 10 years ago meet up every year since.

For those who like a little more serenity or perhaps some alone time on romantic getaways the time to visit is once school starts again in the fall. That’s when we tend to have more couples and honeymooners grace our less populated beaches.

Coming to surf or just to watch the pros?

Almost everyone has heard of the North Shore and the famous surf breaks that can be found there. In winter, storms generated near Alaska make their way south to Hawaii. Once the swell hits Maui reefs, large waves are produced that can build to over 60 feet high! Professional surfers from all over the world will chase these swells in an effort to compete to ride the largest wave in the world.

If you’re learning to surf or just looking to polish up those surfer skills, summer is best for that. Storms generated south of us produce nice south swells that are perfect for grabbing that longboard and heading out in safer, more pleasant conditions.

What time of year has the best Marine Life?

Always of course! But if it’s Humpback Whales you want to see, you should plan to visit us in winter. Whale watching season here in Maui runs from December to May with peak season being late January until mid March.With over 12,000 whales visiting Hawaii in the winter it is very likely you’ll spot whales from the beach. For a much closer experience, join us on a whale watch tour where whale sightings are guaranteed.  Much of our marine life lives here year round, such as the Green Sea Turtle, dolphins, monk seals and our multitude of local reef fish.

Speaking of fish, when can I catch the Big One?

During the summer, warmer ocean currents tend to bring in more Ono, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and other sportfish. Fishing can be a bit more difficult while the Humpback whales are here as they seem to scare some of the fish away.

What time of year has the best weather?

Well it’s all relative depending on where you are from and what type of weather you prefer. While we don’t have the extreme seasons that many areas of the world experience, we still do experience fluctuations in warmth and precipitation. Summer brings sunny warm mornings and cooling trade winds in the afternoon. Our winter tends to have a little more rain with January and February being our cooler months. Planning to visit us then? Fear not – it’s always just right in paradise.