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5 Reasons You Need to Go Snorkeling in South Maui This Summer

couple snorkeling

If you’ve never experienced the relaxing Maui sunshine overhead while exploring the clear, beautiful surrounding waters for aquatic life, then you’re missing out on the experience of a lifetime! Snorkeling is an activity anyone can enjoy with the opportunity to see real ocean life up close like you’ve never seen before! Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving…

Foodie Life on Maui Waters


By: David Glenn Taylor We see you, fellow foodie You’re not hard to pick out. You have a way about you. You carry yourself differently: you walk with an alertness, with your nose slightly forward, as if the right scent would lift you off the ground and you would float on air, gently guided by…

Fun with the GoPro 5 on Kai Kanani

A member of Kai Kanani's crew holds a Go Pro 5. She is standing on deck with South Maui in the background.

On board Kai Kanani II, you’ll have plenty of pictures begging to be taken. Lucky for you, we feature GoPro Hero5 Black Ultra HD Action Cameras  on our daily tours, so you can capture your adventure in high definition, and then bring the memories home. These action cameras are built for the Kai Kanani experience and they…