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Inside the Mouth of the Whitemouth Eel

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Molokini Crater has 250 species of fish, give or take a few, and depending on who’s counting. Archeological evidence suggests that Native Hawaiian people have come to fish this crescent-shaped islet since the 6th Century. Today Molokini Crater is a Marine Preserve and so you won’t see traditional fisheries here any longer. You have to…

Frequently Asked Questions About Hawaiian Monk Seals

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What is the Hawaiian name for Hawaiian Monk Seals? Lio-holo-i-ka-uaua, which means “dog running in the rough seas,” or Na mea hulu, which means “the furry one.” How big do Hawaiian Monk Seals get? Big. Both male and female Monk Seals can grow to be the size of exceptionally curvy professional basketball players. Think Shaquille…

Tips for Beach Loading on Kai Kanani

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The Kai Kanani 2 is unique in Maui as we are the only boat to depart from Makena and the only catamaran to depart from the south side of the island.  This special departure point gives our guests a unique advantage over other trips – much shorter cruise times to Maui’s best snorkel opportunities at…

Maui Webcams to Plan your Day

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How to be your own weather forecaster in Hawaii – webcams you can count on. The ancient Hawaiians were master navigators and weather forecasters.  After all, it was they that successfully read the waves, wind and clouds to sail the ocean blue and make Hawaii what it is today. Now you can be your own Kilo…

Don’t miss these Maui Activities

A maui hiker stands on a misty promontory near Haleakala

Snorkel Molokini Of course it’s our favorite – it’s what we live to do! The crescent-shaped islet of Molokini is home to ultra-clear water and over 250 species of tropical fish and there are also eels, octopus, rays and even the occasional Hawaiian Monk Seal. We recommend visiting Molokini in the calm waters of morning…