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Dry Dock 101: The In’s and Out’s of Keeping Kai Kanani Beautiful

This morning, a select group of crewmembers set out aboard the Kai Kanani II, headed for the Big Island. Their mission: make it to Honokohau Harbor in Kailua-Kona where our pride and joy will be coming out of the water for some much needed TLC. Boat people call this a “dry dock” and normally, a boat will need a good dry dock at least once every 2 years, if not annually.

Boats, as many of you know, are fickle friends. They provide incredible amounts of joy and memories that last a lifetime but they are also high maintenance. They live in salt water! And a boat in Hawaii has the added distinction of being among the most isolated vessels on Earth, subject to the whims of a massive open ocean and the unpredictable conditions that can come along with it. Boats in Hawaii are built tough and among the catamarans on Maui, there are few boats as tough as the Kai Kanani II.

Why, you ask? The Kai Kanani II is a “beach load” vessel and, as such, she is designed to be sturdy with her bow resting in the sand as she loads eager passengers every day. On top of that, she lives permanently in Makena at our own private mooring – not in a harbor like some boats. It requires a lot of care and attention to detail to maintain the highest standards of safety and comfort while also caring for the environment in which the Kai Kanani II operates in South Maui.

Add to all of this that Kai Kanani Sailing operates seven days a week. We go out every day! With this in mind, we keep a strict maintenance schedule throughout the year to ensure that the boat is looking it’s best for every guest. But once in a while, she just needs that extra love. The plan is to be back in the water October 10 looking good and ready to take our guests to Molokini! If you’re coming to Maui after October 9, book your tour here and be among the first to see Kai Kanani II with her new paint job!

Here’s a short video of the view: Heading to Drydock

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