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The Hidden Bounty of Winter Snorkeling in Maui

You may very well be aware that Maui is a fantastic spot for snorkeling in the summer, but did you know that it is also amazing during the winter? It might not be your first inclination to visit Hawaii in the winter, but doing so will make for some great snorkeling! Check out the rest of this article to learn why snorkeling in winter is a hidden treasure of Maui!

Incredible Opportunities for Snorkeling

One thing you need to know about the tropical paradise of Hawaii is that it has a pleasantly warm climate year round. This means that even in the winter, you can still throw on a bathing suit and feel comfortable. What this also means is that the beautiful, clear waters will still be warm enough for you to enjoy snorkeling!

The climate is fantastic, but the island of Maui is also a perfect environment for glamorous fish to thrive! As the island of Maui was forming, it created several natural channels between Maui and the other islands that are protected from the harsher waters of the open ocean. This allows for fish and whales to flock to these calm waters, while the lack of movement in the water makes it very clear and easy to see through.

These two factors are what allow for excellent snorkeling regardless of what time of year it is. If you think missed your chance because summer has passed, you can still have a great time snorkeling in the winter!

Summer is Most Popular

If you asked most people that have ever been to Hawaii when they went, they’ll most likely tell you that they went some time during the summer. You’ll also run into the occasional person who went during winter, but they’re also likely to tell you they had a great time.

Here are the most common reasons why families tend to visit Hawaii in the summer:

  • Summer Break – Families tend to travel in the summer because school is on an extended break during the summer season. Although there are breaks during other seasons, summer break is usually upwards of three months long, allowing plenty of time and flexibility to plan a family vacation.
  • Sunny Beaches – When people think of a summer vacation, their minds always tend to jump to a sunny, tropical location. For some people this might be the Bahamas, maybe even Fiji, but for many the quickest idea that comes to mind is the Aloha nation of Hawaii. There is no surprise here, considering how many miles of beautiful beaches and warm waters can be found in the surrounding islands.
  • Dry Season – One thing that is significantly different about Hawaii in the summer is dry season. While the temperature is comfortable enough for you to swim all year, there is undoubtedly two distinct periods of wet and dry in Hawaii. Wet season tends to be in the winter months and does impair visibility in the water. On the other hand, dry season keeps the water clear, and unsurprisingly falls during the summer months.
  • Better Rate – Another important factor for vacation plans is the cost. On average, travel tickets tend to be much more expensive during winter. This means that traveling to Hawaii will generally be cheaper during the summer, which can convince families looking to find the best deal.

Winter is Also Excellent

Even though summer is much more popular than winter for visiting Hawaii, that doesn’t necessarily make it better. Winter is host to wet season in Maui, but this doesn’t always mean that it will rain while you’re there, only that it is more likely. “Leeward” (meaning “sheltered from the wind”) areas of Maui still stay typically dry and sunny. Weather conditions are arguably better in the summer, but that isn’t the only factor in determining how much you’ll enjoy your snorkeling experience!

Here are some other critical factors for snorkeling in the winter:

  • Less Crowding – Probably the biggest factor in trying to snorkel during the winter is the fact that there is significantly less people in the water. This, by itself, creates several beneficial effects for snorkeling. First, it means you have much less competition to find a good spot. Second, it causes less disturbance for fish and aquatic life, giving you more time to see them before they go to sleep. Finally, it also creates a more peaceful environment for you, having less distraction from other people snorkeling and swimming nearby!
  • Whales Galore – Summertime is a favorite for many fish and other ocean creatures, but not for the humpback whale. As a matter of fact, the Pacific Humpback Whale is quite fond of the winter. If you’re interested in seeing the acrobatic displays of enormous whales breaching, winter is the only time to see them in Maui!
  • Warm Respite – Another influential factor in prompting people to visit Hawaii during the winter is the relief it offers from a usually cold home environment. While Maui is warm and tropical still during the winter, the rest of the U.S. is blanketed in cold. This makes Maui an excellent destination for catching some sunshine before returning to the perpetual cold.
  • Bigger Waves – Because winter is also wet season in Hawaii, it means that the ocean will create bigger waves. This is great if you’re going there to surf, but it becomes a little problematic when you want to snorkel. Giant waves are the bane of a good snorkeling trip, so you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on the water to ensure you’re staying safe. This doesn’t always mean that you will encounter bigger waves, but they are more likely to occur.

Winter Snorkeling in Maui!

Now you know the differences between Maui snorkeling in the winter and summer seasons! Because summer is dry season, it is hard to argue against the notion that summer offers slightly better snorkeling conditions than winter. At the same time, that also carries with it the notion that everyone else also has that understanding, which means the waters will be much more crowded.

If you choose to snorkel in Maui during the winter, you can actually have a better time than if you went during the summer, simply because of the massive reduction in crowding! When there are less people in the water, beautiful fish and elegant aquatic creatures are far less disturbed! This means that you’ll have an even better opportunity to sight gorgeous fish than had you visited in the summer!

The secret wonders of snorkeling during the winter in Maui surely won’t stay a secret for long. Thousands of people visit Hawaii in the summer, but a number of tourists are often frustrated with how busy it is and how they are unable to enjoy the environment for it’s natural beauty. Opting to visit in the winter, especially between mid-September and mid-November, can change that feeling, allowing you to relax and tune in with the serenity Hawaii has to offer. 

If you’re interested in Maui winter snorkeling, then you have to check out the tours offered by Kai Kanani! There simply isn’t a more enjoyable way to experience the spectacular sights Maui has to offer!

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