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Snorkeling or Scuba Diving, Which Should You Try in Maui?

Have you ever wondered just what the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving is? Although both have the same general purpose of offering fantastic underwater views, the two are done quite differently. Scuba diving and snorkeling are both fun things you should try at least once, but which one will you enjoy the most on your next trip to Maui? Read the rest of this article to find out just what distinguishes the two water activities!

Snorkeling vs. Scuba Diving

Chances are you’ve probably heard of both snorkeling and scuba diving before. The two are actually quite similar. Both have you get into the water and look at the fish and aquatic creatures found beneath the surface. What really makes the two different is how you go about doing them.

The first change you’ll notice is the equipment you’ll use. Snorkeling requires fairly basic equipment, a snorkel, mask, and flippers at the minimum, while scuba diving requires specialized equipment like a wetsuit and oxygen tank.

The two activities use different equipment because you’ll actually be performing different actions to snorkel than you would scuba diving. Snorkelers have the convenience of floating on the surface of the water, facing down and using a snorkel tube to breathe with. Scuba divers quite literally dive under the water, making it much more active and involved.

If you consider the two side by side, you’ll probably realize that snorkeling offers quite a different experience than scuba diving. Snorkeling is fantastic for those that want a leisurely day, while scuba diving is better if you really want to be hands-on.

Another important thing to consider is the accessibility of both activities. Snorkeling is beginner-friendly and doesn’t require any specialized training or certifications.

Because scuba diving is far more dangerous and has more you need to be aware of, you do typically need training and certifications in order to try it.

When you don’t even know if you enjoy something yet, it can definitely be hard to justify going through a qualification process. Fortunately, snorkeling serves as a great entry point and can help give you an idea of what else the ocean has in store for you!

Snorkeling in Maui

People come from all over the world to vacation in Maui. The tropical islands of Hawaii are a pleasant temperature all year, which makes it a great destination for a sunny getaway. Not only that, but the island of Maui has over 30 miles of beach!

The region of Maui is a perfect environment for enjoying the water, but it wouldn’t be complete without an abundance of colorful fish and aquatic creatures to take your breath away!

With ultra-clear warm waters and plenty of creatures worth seeing, there’s no secret why snorkeling enthusiasts label Maui as one of the best snorkeling spots in the entire world!

It definitely didn’t take long for the locals of Maui to take notice of the excellent snorkeling opportunities here. Nowadays you can find dozens of snorkeling tours available to take you anywhere around the island. Snorkeling tours are designed to take all the hassle out of snorkeling. Transportation, finding a spot, and learning how to snorkel are all things that a tour will assist you with.

While you can go snorkeling with a tour, you can also find your own snorkeling spots in Maui! The coastline is more than 100 miles long, and roughly a quarter of that is made of accessible beaches! The sheer size of that is probably hard to imagine, but it means that there are literally dozens of places where you can try and snorkel in Maui.

Scuba Diving in Maui

The very same factors that make Maui fantastic for snorkeling also make it a treat for scuba diving. After all, the purpose of both scuba diving and snorkeling is to see the wonderful life hiding in the ocean.

Something that you might not notice while snorkeling is that there’s a lot more under the surface just waiting to be seen!

The biggest benefit of scuba diving compared to snorkeling is that you have much greater mobility. Snorkeling requires you to stay at or near the surface of the water so your snorkel tube works, but scuba diving automates breathing with an oxygen mask and tank. This means that you aren’t limited to the water’s surface!

When your movement restrictions are lifted, you’re able to dive beneath the water and get a different perspective! This will allow you to see much cooler sights like underwater caves and a greater variety of fish and ocean life.

While you do have a sense of freedom, you do have to follow specific procedures to ensure your safety. This makes scuba diving a thrilling experience that requires responsibility.

Luxurious Maui Snorkeling Tours

When it comes to deciding between snorkeling or scuba diving on your next trip to Maui, you should consider what kind of experience you’re looking for. If you want to kick back and relax as the ocean comes to you, then you’ll probably have a better time snorkeling. Alternatively, if you want more from your trip at the cost of needing to focus, you’ll have a great time scuba diving.

Not only do the experiences of snorkeling and scuba diving differ, but so too do the requirements to participate. Snorkeling is very beginner-friendly, requiring very little from you before you get into the water.

You won’t need any special certification or training, and you don’t even need to know how to swim!

On the other hand, scuba diving is far more strict about its prerequisites. While you can technically scuba without certification, you won’t be able to do it directly with a club or group. Additionally, certification may seem like a hassle, but it is very important to teaching you how to survive.

The nature of diving is far different from floating on the water’s surface, so you definitely don’t want to dive in without knowing what you’re doing.

On your next vacation to Maui, you’ll definitely have an incredible time if you decide to go snorkeling. With plenty of colorful fish and larger-than-life water creatures, there’s something magical about snorkeling in Maui! If you want a luxuriously tailored snorkeling tour that offers you the best sights in all of Hawaii, check out the tours available from Kai Kanani! There’s nobody else in Maui that understands great snorkeling like Kai Kanani, see for yourself today!

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