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Is Snorkeling with a Tour More Exciting than Trying to Snorkel Alone?

Have you ever experienced the rush of excitement you get from the exotic fish and creatures you’ll see while snorkeling? Even better, have you ever snorkeled under the guidance of an experienced tour guide? While it may seem adventurous to try and find your own snorkeling spots, there are some undeniable benefits to snorkeling with a tour. Check out the rest of this article to learn just what they are!

Snorkel Anywhere in Maui!

When it comes to Hawaii and snorkeling, the two are almost synonymous. If you’re going on a vacation to Hawaii, and more specifically Maui, then you need to reserve some time for snorkeling! The islands are home to several exotic species of fish and glorious aquatic life, some of which can only be found in Hawaii.

With a truly unique selection of fish to see and comfortable year-round temperatures, the island of Maui will always be a hotspot for anyone looking to snorkel. One thing that makes the island especially appealing is the almost endless selection of locations in which to snorkel. Maui has several large pockets of undisturbed waters held in bays, which creates several miles of beaches with crystal clear water.

Because the area has become world renowned for great snorkeling opportunities, several local companies have begun to offer tours to help tourists find the best places to snorkel. Snorkeling tours are actually quite beneficial because they’re backed by years of personal experience and expertise in the area. This allows for some of the most knowledgeable advice available, which creates an amazing viewing experience for you.

Alone or on Tour?

When you make the wise decision of snorkeling in a delightful place like Maui, you’ll also have to decide whether you want to find your own snorkeling spots or to be guided on a tour. Both options make for a very different experience, so you’ll have to understand what each entails and which is more important for your interests.

Snorkeling Alone

The path of least resistance is to find your own place to snorkel in. You don’t have to schedule anything or be somewhere at a specific time. Snorkeling by yourself (or in a group without direction) allows for the greatest freedom and flexibility. At the same time, you’re entirely at the mercy of your own knowledge and luck!

Here are the most important things to be aware of when snorkeling without a guide:

  • Gear – If you’re choosing to snorkel without a guide, you better be prepared to come up with some snorkeling gear. If you have your own already, that’s fantastic. Otherwise you’ll need to find some rentals.
  • Safety – Without a guide, you are also missing a second pair of eyes to watch over your back. When you’re busy being in awe at the wonderfully colorful fish underwater, you probably won’t notice major changes happening to the behavior of water waves. You also won’t be able to see if there are boats or kayaks coming towards you, leaving you fairly vulnerable by yourself.
  • Quality – The most important part of snorkeling alone is to understand what type of experience you’ll have. If you’ve never been snorkeling before, then you have no idea where the good spots are or what to look for. That’s nothing against you at all. You just don’t have the wisdom you’d gain from snorkeling experience! You’ll have to rely entirely on what you happen to stumble upon, which might be terrific, but it could also be fairly lame.

Joining a Tour

While it may require more time to initially set up, a tour is undoubtedly the best way of ensuring an amazing experience that requires little effort from you. Snorkeling by yourself will entail a lot of wasted time searching for a good spot, but tour guides know exactly where that sweet spot is.

If you want to be led directly to the greatest treasures Maui’s waters have to offer, you can’t pass up a guided tour! Here are things you should know about snorkeling tours:

  • Experience – The best part about being led by tour guides is the litany of experience they have under their belt. Although Maui might be a vacation destination for you, it isn’t for the people that live there. People that quite literally eat, breathe, and sleep Hawaii are those that know it best. This is true when it comes to snorkeling too, with those that do it most knowing the best places for a great snorkel.
  • Entertainment – Another appealing aspect of a tour is the addition of amenities that add to the overall experience. Not only will they take you to great places to snorkel, but they’ll also offer refreshments, musical entertainment, and the expert advice of a knowledgeable guide. It is a great way of making you feel cared for, and who doesn’t appreciate that!
  • Convenience – Snorkeling tours do come at a monetary cost to you, but every dollar you spend is absolutely worth it. While you are in fact paying for transportation to fantastic snorkeling spots, you’re also paying for a comprehensive experience that minimizes any work for you. Snorkeling tours will supply you with appropriate gear, provide you with transportation, and have already dealt with all the work of finding excellent spots to snorkel.

Which is Most Enjoyable?

When it comes to deciding between snorkeling alone or with a tour, it ultimately comes down to what your personal interests are. Most people are likely to prefer the guaranteed quality and convenience that a tour offers, while more-adventurous types might prefer to set out on their own.

There isn’t a right or wrong choice here, but you do want to make sure you’re in compliance with any laws and that you’re also ensuring your safety. Snorkeling is tons of fun, but you can easily have a bad experience if you or your family get hurt.

Finding Maui Snorkeling Tours

When you’re planning your next vacation to Maui, don’t forget to also make some plans for snorkeling! Whether you want to follow a tour or snorkel alone is up to you, but the most reliable way to ensure you have an incredible time is to book a snorkeling tour!

There are many different options when it comes to snorkeling tours in Maui, but a tried and true favorite are the luxurious tours offered by Kai Kanani in Makena. With a professional and courteous staff and unmatched entertainment value, you won’t have a better time on any tour in Maui! When you also consider that you’ll have access to the best snorkeling spots in all of Maui, there’s no reason to delay booking a tour!

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