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Sun, Sand, Sailing, Serenity: 10 Reasons You Need a Hawaiian Vacation

Not going on a vacation isn’t just boring, it can be deadly. It ups the risk of having a heart attack to 30% in men and 50% in women.

Besides, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, as the saying goes. Getting away is good for you.

Statistics show that travelers’ top three priorities are relaxation, great food, and adventure. There’s one vacation destination that offers all that and more — Hawaii!

Instead of one good reason to go on a Hawaiian vacation, we’ll give you ten. We bet that by the end of this list you’ll be packing your bags!

1) Perfect Weather

Let’s start with the most obvious reason to visit the island paradise of Hawaii. The weather is picture perfect.

Summer is typically the dry season. Winter brings rainstorms and with it green mountainsides and rainbows.

Temperatures usually stay between 80-85 degrees year round. Never too hot, never too cold — just right!

2) Ethnic Diversity

Hawaii has a rich history that’s interwoven with many other nations’. Beyond that, many people from around the world want to call Hawaii home.

This is a big bonus. Because of the diversity found on the islands, you can find a little slice of the world everywhere you go.

New York City is often cited as a melting pot of cultures. In Hawaii, we enjoy Thai, Japanese, Tahitian, and Spanish influences — and more!

3) Foodie Paradise

Hawaiian cuisine is not to be missed. If you love flavorful and exotic food, you’re going to love your trip to Hawaii.

No Hawaii vacation is complete without experiencing at least one luau. From street food to five-star meals in a premium hotel, your taste buds will be glad you booked your trip.

Plus, remember how we mentioned Hawaii was so diverse? You’ll find the flavors of the world everywhere on the islands, often expertly blended with native cuisine.

4) Adventure and Excitement

Let’s say you’re not the type to lounge on the beach, sipping peacefully from a pineapple. Hawaii offers all the thrills and adventure you’re looking for.

There’s nothing like catching a big wave and surfing on Hawaii’s beautiful blue ocean. From snorkeling to hiking, zip lining to scuba diving, you’ll find something to get your heart pumping.

Best of all, there’s something for every skill level. Both kids and adults can find many fun activities that take advantage of the incredible scenery.

5) Beautiful Beaches

For those who want to take it easy, the beach is the best place to do so. Crystal blue waters and gentle waves softly lapping the shore are just the things to help you unwind.

The best thing about Hawaiian beaches is the fact that they’re all so different. In Hawaii, the sand comes in all the colors of the rainbow.

On the islands, you’ll find white, black, yellow, pink, and green sands. Visit each one and find your favorite!

Bonus: While there are perfectly pristine beaches everywhere, it’s important to stay safe. Make sure the beaches you go to have lifeguards on duty.

6) Go Wild

Hawaiians share their islands with a variety of wild animals. You’re sure to see an exotic creature or two during your vacation in Hawaii.

Playful dolphins populate the waters year-round. Take a snorkeling tour and see the wonderful underwater world full of colorful fish, sea turtles, and even sharks.

Monk seals are adorable and like to eat seaweed near the coast. The lush forest vegetation is home to many amazing species of birds, too.

Bonus tip: visit Hawaii during the winter. It’s the best time of year to go on a whale watching tour.

7) Ready for Romance

There’s a reason Hawaii is one of the top five places for destination weddings. The islands are brimming with romance.

Couples have many options to deepen their love in Hawaii. The islands offer tons of activities no matter where you are on your journey together.

Book a couples massage in one of the luxury spas. Enjoy an incredible meal and hand-crafted cocktails, then live it up with the island’s bustling nightlife scene.

Whether it’s your first getaway, your honeymoon, or you’re just looking to rekindle the spark, Hawaii is for lovers.

8) Shopping Scene

No matter what your budget, you’re going to love the shopping scene. There’s nothing like it on the mainland.

Skip the tacky tourist traps on every corner. You’ll find much better souvenirs in the many farmer’s markets or flea markets.

The island is home to many native artists and craftspeople. They produce many unique, stunning pieces that you can’t go home without.

Big name labels, like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, are well represented in the upscale shopping district. Leave room in your luggage for all the goodies you’re going to take home.

9) The History and Culture

Hawaii’s native culture is rich and fascinating. Take time to explore and learn more about it during your vacation in Hawaii.

From dancing to dress, from food to native stories passed down through generations, you’ll be enchanted and educated by the island’s past. You’ll come to better understand the people whose home you’re visiting.

Besides native island culture, Hawaii has played a part as a touchstone of the world. From Captain Cook’s arrival to Pearl Harbor, there is so much to discover and learn.

10) Something for Everyone

No doubt there was something on this list that you want to try. That’s the beauty of this incredible island paradise!

Families with kids, newlyweds, solo travelers, those with a thirst for adventure, and beyond are sure to find something to do. Hawaii has something for everyone — and lots of it.

Plan Your Hawaiian Vacation Today!

No matter where you are right now, you’d be happier if you were in Hawaii. We gave you ten great reasons and, as we mentioned, not going on vacation is bad for your health.

There are tons of amazing reasons to come to Hawaii besides the ten we gave you. If you’re ready to discover them for yourself, contact us and book your Hawaiian vacation today!


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