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Things To Be Thankful For

flowers in maui

Living in Maui, we are blessed to have beauty surround us just about everywhere we turn.  As we come up on Thanksgiving this week we want to share with you some of the things we at Kai Kanani are most thankful for.


We are thankful for rainbows!  There is a saying here in Hawaii “No Rain, No Rainbows”  The afternoons here often have light passing showers, just enough to cool things off and produce the colorful rainbows we see above the mountains.

Fresh Local Produce

We are thankful for fresh local produce! We are lucky here in Maui to have an amazing assortment of locally grown fruits and veggies.  From the famous Maui Gold Pineapple to papayas, mangos, apple bananas, coconuts and more.  There is nothing like tasting these deliciously sweet fruits right from the tree.

Amazing Marine Life

We are thankful for amazing marine life!  The Kai (Ocean) around us is home to many different types of marine life.  Reef fish and Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are here year round and we see them on our snorkel trips.  On special occasions we will see Dolphins, Manta Rays, Hawaiian Monk Seals or even the rare Whale Shark.

Returning Whales

We are thankful every year when the Humpback Whales return to their breeding grounds here in Hawaii.  Each winter around 12,000 whales come to Hawaiian waters to mate and give birth to new calves.   Observing the 45 foot long mammals is something we hope everyone gets a chance to do at least once in their life.

Beautiful Sunsets

We are thankful for beautiful sunsets!  No day is complete without a perfect Maui sunset.  Every sunset is different here in Maui ranging from light pinks and purples to fiery orange and reds.


Most of all we are thankful for Ohana!  Ohana means family and here in Hawaii that is our  friends, co-workers, neighbors and you – our guests! We treat each other with Aloha and respect and that is what keeps Maui such an amazing and beautiful place.