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Tips for Beach Loading on Kai Kanani

couple on beach

The Kai Kanani 2 is unique in Maui as we are the only boat to depart from Makena and the only catamaran to depart from the south side of the island.  This special departure point gives our guests a unique advantage over other trips – much shorter cruise times to Maui’s best snorkel opportunities at Molokoni Crater and Turtle Town. To do so, we load straight from the beach.

Beach Loading and You

In beach loading,  you will walk down the beach and into the water and board the bow of the boat by means of a staircase that is awaiting you.  Our friendly crew is there to brief you on boarding and assist you onto the boat.  Here are a few helpful tips for boarding the Kai Kanani.

Sit back, relax and kick those shoes off – We don’t want you to lose your shoes while walking through the shallow water, so we ask that you leave your shoes on shore with us. And don’t worry – we’ll keep them safe for you while you’re on the sea.

Be ready to get wet – Beach conditions are different every day in Maui.  Often times while boarding you may only walk through ankle deep water.  If we have any sort of waves you may get splashed, even up to your chest.  Come dressed in beach attire and wear something you don’t mind getting wet.

The crew is your friend – Kai Kanani crew are knowledgeable about the conditions and they are your guides. They will assist you in boarding the boat and watching for waves that may be coming in.  If you have any concerns, be sure to let them know as their goal is your very best experience.

Protect what can’t get wet –  We welcome you to bring your phone, camera, electronic keys, etc…but first make sure they are not in your pockets.  As you know water and electronics are not friends.  We highly recommend you bring a waterproof bag to put these items in. If you do not have one, don’t worry, we are happy to provide you a small plastic bag.  If you have a waterproof camera – even better.  Be sure to hold those bags nice and high as you are walking through the water.

Watch your head & hands – While going up and down the ladder most people are so excited looking down at the water that they forget to look up.  As your boarding the ladder grab onto those metal hand rails with both hands and make sure to avoid the cross beam above you.

Kai Kanani Sailing Charters staff is here to help you and make your adventure on the Kai Kanani 2 memorable, safe & fun.  Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about any part of your excursion with us or any other part of your Maui vacation. We look forward to seeing you out on the water. Aloha!