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5 tips for your Maui Vacation


You’ve booked your vacation to Maui. Congratulations. Use these Top 5 Tips to help you explore all the possibilities paradise has to offer.

  1. Seasoned travelers book all their activities before they travel, especially when traveling in the busy season.  Many come to Maui only to find their favorite activity is sold out for the entire length of their vacation.  A basic rule of thumb is that it’s best to book early for vacations that coincide with scheduled breaks in the North American school year.
  2. Book your outdoor activities early, too! It’s not always sunny in paradise – cancellations invariably must be made.  Book your activity at the beginning of your trip so you’ll still have time to reschedule if you must. If you book a Zipline on the last day and it’s pouring rain and cancelled, you won’t have another day to reschedule.  Also, if you are doing sunrise or sunset excursions, your body will be better adjusted to Island Time later in your vacation.
  3. Leave a couple days of your vacation just for relaxing.  Another reason to book your activities at the beginning of your trip is that you may then have your last couple days for the simple things like beach time, massage, shopping, or whatever relaxes you.  No one likes to go home from a vacation feeling like they need a vacation.
  4. Decide if you want a condo or hotel and talk to other Maui travelers.  Get as many different reviews as possible. The family that loved the huge resort with pools and kids may not be into the relaxing atmosphere the Just Married honeymoon couple is looking for.  Besides the fact that barbecues by the pool and homemade lunches can save on costs, many people prefer condo living. Hotels on the other hand are convenient with restaurants onsite and daily room service.
  5. Check out Trip Advisor & Yelp for unbiased reviews. And Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great places for current photos. One sign of a good time is with a brand that has a strong relationship with its followers.