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What Makes Snorkeling in Maui Countless Hours of Fun?

If you’ve ever heard friends or family raving about vacationing in Maui, then there has to be a great reason why, right? Absolutely! Snorkeling in Maui is so fantastic, that people from all around the world come to Maui just to snorkel! Read the rest of this article to learn just what it is that makes Maui such a beloved destination for snorkeling novices and enthusiasts alike!

People Love Snorkeling in Maui

It stands to reason that if people are going to continue doing something, they’ll often have a good reason for doing so. It provides some form of benefit, whether that be monetary, entertainment, or just plain pleasure. When it comes to snorkeling in Maui, people wouldn’t come back year after year just because! People love snorkeling in Maui because the region has an incredible selection and abundance of exotic fish and aquatic creatures!

Maui’s Bounty

The ocean is absolutely massive, so what makes the tropical island of Hawaii so special? This comes down to several factors, most of which are entirely controlled by nature. To understand what makes Maui such a fun location for snorkeling, you’ll need to know about the geography, climate, diversity of fish, and the tours available in the area! Check them out below:


The geography of the island of Maui is quite special indeed. Maui was actually a product of two shield volcanoes that were just too close for comfort. The lava flows of both volcanoes overlapped, which ultimately resulted in the island of Maui. Yes, that means that Maui is actually two volcanoes, although they are both dormant.

Volcano craters actually make for superb snorkeling environments, because the volcano’s natural outer formation helps to keep a clear, undisturbed pool of water inside the crater. This is why Molokini Crater in particular is so popular in Maui.

Because Maui is made of volcanoes, there are several natural bays of water that are left undisturbed by the stronger currents found in the open ocean. This is exactly what beautiful tropical fish and aquatic life need to thrive! This creates several miles of snorkel-able beaches on Maui, each sure to offer you an excellent selection of exotic fish!


Another important factor that makes Maui so much fun is the tropical climate. Chances are, you probably aren’t fully familiar with what a tropical climate is because you don’t actually live in one. A tropical climate refers to an area that has warm temperatures year-round. The cut off for this is around 64°F, meaning you can comfortably walk outside just about any day of the year!

Not only is it perpetually-sunny and warm outside, but the water is also a pleasant temperature. This makes snorkeling comfortable for you, because the last thing you want to think about while snorkeling is how cold you are! This is also actually helpful for seeing fish too, as you’re more likely to see fish when the water is warmer.  

Fish Diversity

The most exciting part about snorkeling in Maui is undoubtedly the wide diversity of exotic creatures and fish you’ll see! Not only is Maui a great spot to snorkel, but there are also many species that can only be found in Maui. You can snorkel around the entire world, but if you haven’t been to Maui, you’ll have missed out on several unique species!

You’ll see plenty of colorful fish while snorkeling in Maui. You’ll definitely also see the majestic coral reef, which is actually a living organism, so be careful! If you go to specific areas around the island, you’ll have an easier time seeing turtles, dolphins, and whales! If you’re really lucky, you might see sharks, manta rays, and even a rare monk seal!

Snorkeling Tours!

While you certainly can find your own spots to snorkel in, there’s not a more convenient way to snorkel that going with a tour! Locals rapidly realized how great the region was for snorkeling, and some companies now have decades of experience, knowing the absolute best spots to provide the most fun and entertainment!

If you wanted to find your own snorkeling spots, you’d have to do research beforehand. Then, you’d need to rent or buy snorkeling gear, and also find some transportation to wherever you’re trying to go. This can quickly become a hassle and get expensive, taking away from the joy of the experience!

When you choose to go on a snorkeling tour, you’re letting an experience professional guide the way. These guys know exactly where the best fish are, and when the best time to see them is. Gear and transportation are covered, and you’ll also have the option of refreshments and relaxing entertainment if you want a break from snorkeling! The cost of a tour will more-than make up for itself in how much time and effort you’ll save had you tried to do everything yourself!

Book a Thrilling Tour!

Now you know just what it is that makes snorkeling in Maui so much fun! You could come here every single year and never get tired of the environment or sights! There’s no doubt that snorkeling in Maui is a world-class experience that everyone needs to try at least once!

What makes Maui so great for snorkeling is the environment itself. Geographically, Maui was formed from two volcanoes. Volcanic craters are often fantastic for creating clear and calm bodies of water that make for excellent sights while snorkeling! This allows Maui to have several beaches with clear bodies of amazing water!

When you factor in the warm, tropical climate and a truly unique selection of fish to see, it’s easy to understand what makes Maui countless hours of fun! If you want to extend your experience even more, you can even book a tour to go straight to all the best snorkeling spots at the best times!

If you’re interested in a Maui snorkeling tour, then you need to check out the tours offered by Kai Kanani! Family owned and operated for more than 30 years, Kai Kanani knows what goes into a wonderful snorkeling experience that you’ll never forget! We are passionate about the region and snorkeling as a whole, and want to help you experience the same! Check out Kai Kanani’s tours today!

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