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Where to Go for Easy Snorkeling in Maui

Have you been frantically trying to find easy snorkeling in Maui? The eye-popping island of Maui sports more than 30 miles of beaches, so there are certainly dozens of great places to snorkel. If you’ve never gone snorkeling before or maybe aren’t super confident, then you’ll probably want to find easy snorkeling in Maui. Just keep on reading this article, and you’ll discover where to find it!

Is Snorkeling in Maui Really That Good?

Chances are, you’ve probably heard about Maui, one of Hawaii’s most glorious islands. Maui is affectionately nicknamed The Valley Isle, for the reason that there is a large valley separating the island’s two masses of volcanoes! Tourists flock to Hawaii and Maui, some of them annually, to experience the vibrant sunshine and delightful atmosphere. Maui is a fantastic vacation getaway, but it is also prime for fun water sports like surfing and snorkeling!

As a matter of fact, Maui is actually commonly referred to as one of the best snorkeling destinations in the entire world! That’s some elite company, but the waters and aquatic life of Maui absolutely stand up to the prestige. Those 30 miles of sunny beaches are coated in beautiful gold, white, black, red, or even green (just on one beach) sands making the scenery quite picturesque. 

Sand is great, but it is the water that really makes the magic happen. Maui’s beaches tend to be surrounded by bays of protected water. These aren’t affected by harsh ocean waves, which creates a nice calm body of water. Because this water is fairly undisturbed, flashy fish flock to these waters. This also makes the water extremely clear, giving you great visibility! Throw in the fact that the temperature of Maui is always warm (to the tune of around 75ºF) and you have some fantastic conditions for snorkeling!   

Finding a Spot

Snorkeling in Maui is absolutely fantastic, but before you get to experience that, you need to find a good spot to snorkel. Many snorkelers enjoy finding their own snorkeling spot, which is certainly a good option. If you’ve never actually gone snorkeling before, it may seem like a mystery on how to go about it. Should you just walk straight into the ocean anywhere or perhaps search for pathways?

Here are some tips to help you find easy snorkeling in Maui:

  • Safety Conditions – By far the most important thing to consider are the safety conditions. Dangerous conditions naturally make snorkeling tougher, as you’ll constantly need to keep an eye out for your safety. Make sure to pick spots that have minimal wind, waves, and are void of people doing things like jet-skiing, boating, or fishing. 
  • Accessibility – After safety, you’ll want to make sure you pick a spot that is highly accessible. If you’re having a tough time getting in to the water, how do you think it will go when you’re trying to get out after exerting yourself in the ocean? Simply put, it won’t go well, so pick a spot that is easy to get into. The beach is a great choice here and should feel natural.
  • Water Depth – If you’re looking for easy snorkeling in Maui, then you’ll also want to take heed of the water depth. If you’re not a particularly strong swimmer, this is a great reason to want easy snorkeling, but also to look for shallow waters. This will put less of a strain on you as you won’t be concerned about your swimming abilities. You’ll still want to be in water that is at least 6 feet deep, but upwards of 15 is ideal for better viewing. Swim out to wherever you feel most comfortable.
  • Visibility – Another thing to consider is water visibility. If you can’t see, you won’t be able to see fish very well, which defeats the entire purpose of snorkeling. However, it also makes it much harder to snorkel, as low visibility can easily disorient you and lead to panic. Make sure you pick an area you can clearly scope out!

The Better Alternative: A Guided Snorkeling Tour

Finding a spot to enter on your own is great, but what could be easier than a guided tour that takes you straight to the best snorkeling spots? On a snorkeling tour, you’ll hop aboard a small boat with a manned crew that takes you to exceptional snorkel locations. They’ll anchor wherever you stop, so you’ll always have a safe spot to swim to and rest if necessary! 

Not only is a snorkeling tour easier, but it can make the experience much better. For easy snorkeling in Maui, you should look for tours that aim to take you to Molokini Crater. Molokini Crater is not only one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in all of Maui, but extremely safe and easy to snorkel in!

You can see some gorgeous fish, like the humuhumunukunukuapua’a, parrotfish, and yellow tang. But you can also spot some majestic creatures like the Hawaiian octopus, whale shark, manta ray, and sea turtle! There’s no question that a snorkeling tour is the easiest way to snorkel in Maui, but it’s also a way to guarantee a great vacation.

Snorkel in Luxury Aboard the Kai Kanani II!

Snorkeling in Maui is simply serene. The island sports perfect conditions, but it also has fish and creatures you just can’t see anywhere else in the world! If you’re trying out snorkeling for the first time, then you might be wondering where to find easy snorkeling in Maui. You can certainly find your own spot. If you choose to do so, make sure you find a spot that is safe, easily accessible, not too deep, and has high visibility. All of these will reduce distractions and detract from impairing your snorkeling!

If you’re thinking about taking a trip down to Maui for some life changing snorkeling adventures, you can try and find your own spot, but you’ll definitely want to try a snorkeling tour aboard the Kai Kanani II! The Kai Kanani II will take you straight to Molokini Crater and has exclusive access to one of the best spots in the entire Crater! If you need easy snorkeling in Maui and want to do it in style, then you’ll need to book a tour today!

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