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Why Snorkeling in Maui is Safe and Fun for the Entire Family!

Anytime you think of the ocean, you might be tempted to think about how wide and unknown it is. Such an unexplored place is sure to come with dangers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what snorkeling has to offer! There are a few dangers to snorkeling in Maui, but if you keep a vigilant eye and know what to look for, you can make sure you and your entire family can have a blast! Read the rest of this article to learn just how safe snorkeling in Maui really is.

Anyone Can Snorkel!

One of the greatest things about snorkeling is that just about anyone can do it! Barring severe physical limitations, all you really need to know how to do is float in the water! This means people of all ages (even little kids) can enjoy snorkeling! You don’t need any kind of special training either. Just put on some equipment and get ready for a life-changing experience!

What if You Can’t Swim?

You might think not knowing how to swim would exclude you from being able to snorkel, but that just isn’t the case! While knowing how to swim will certainly allow you to enjoy and experience more, you don’t need it to snorkel!

This is because you have the option of wearing a life vest. Having said that, it is definitely recommended that you do know how to swim. This will allow you to be better prepared to handle any unexpected waves. You’ll also be able to adapt to wearing a bunch of equipment better as you won’t have to think about how to swim at the same time.

If you don’t know how to swim, your best bet is to stay near the coast. Alternatively, you can always book a snorkeling tour with a trained crew on hand to give you peace of mind as you snorkel!

What is the Age Requirement?

While there isn’t often a definitive requirement for how old your child should be to try snorkeling, five or six is usually a good time. Before you do this though, you do want to make sure your child is at least comfortable with being in a pool and/or water. Trying to add snorkeling on top of learning to be comfortable in the water might is likely too much for a younger child.

This does mean that occasionally you’ll have a younger child that can start snorkeling, so it really depends on how capable your child is (and how comfortable you feel with them). To be safe, six is generally a safe bet, and they can, of course, wear a life vest!

Maui Snorkeling Dangers

Now that you know snorkeling is accessible to just about everyone, there are a few dangers associated with snorkeling in Maui. Anytime you’re dealing with the ocean, there is an element of raw power and unpredictability you just can’t play around with.

Maui is fairly calm most of the time, but that doesn’t mean that water conditions can’t get out of control. This is why you need to be informed before you decide to snorkel and always be mindful of how the ocean is behaving to be ready for any sudden changes. If you’re well-educated on the minor dangers of snorkeling, you should be well-equipped to handle them!


The way the ocean is moving is one of the bigger dangers of snorkeling. The actual waves themselves might not do a whole lot to you, but the fact that they can physically displace and disorient you is of real concern.

Many of Hawaii’s best snorkeling spots are located with protected bays. This means that the island’s natural formation causes waters to be fairly calm in many areas. Although these bays are protected, sometimes the ocean can still get out of hand within them.

Under the surface of Hawaii’s water, there are countless sharp rocks, coral, seaweed, and all sort of other plants and debris that you can hit or be stuck in. Especially when a sea swell disorients you, it may be hard to immediately tell which way is up.

Disorientation is actually one of the biggest causes of drowning, as you’ll expend precious breath and effort going away from the actual surface. If you notice you have a hard time staying steady while snorkeling, it might be a sign the waves are starting to pick up, so you’ll want to get out of the water soon.


While rocks and other sharp objects are less of a problem in calm waters, when there is a current and waves crashing down on you, impacting these objects becomes a real concern. Waves are undeniably powerful, and can very easily displace you long distances. This is even easier when you’re already in the water.

If you have the misfortune of hitting your head on one of these hard objects underwater, there is a very real possibility you could become unconscious, preventing you from saving yourself. This makes it very important to understand the general environment where you’re snorkeling.

Where is everything? Is this a safe location? What if a wave comes? These are things you’ll want to keep an eye on when you snorkel. Most times, it won’t be an issue, but it’s when disaster strikes that you want to have prepared in advance.

Shark Alert?

Even though Hawaii is in fact home to several species of sharks and other dangerous creatures, you’re very unlikely to run into them. Furthermore, most species are non-aggressive to humans, opting to source their food from other creatures. Anytime you hear of a shark, you might feel a little fear. If you do see one in Maui, though, it probably isn’t a big reason for concern.

How to Plan a Snorkeling Trip!

Now you know what to keep an eye on to ensure that snorkeling is safe and enjoyable for you and the whole family! Just about anyone has the ability to snorkel, although knowing how to swim would certainly be to your benefit!

Anytime you’re dealing with the raw beast known as the ocean, you’re at its mercy. Snorkeling in Maui is very safe, though, because of how many beaches on the island offer protected waters. The beautiful sights and fish you’ll see are what make snorkeling in Maui so popular! As long as you’re vigilant to keep an eye on the surrounding environment and the behavior of the water, snorkeling in Maui is very safe for the entire family!

If you’re ready to experience the ocean in ways you’ve never seen before, you need to plan a snorkeling tour with Kai Kanani! Our selection offers something for snorkelers of all ages, allowing you to have an incredible time while we’re there to watch and make sure it happens!