Hawaii Wildlife Fund

Kai Kanani Sailing is a Hawaiian, family-owned company. We live in balance with the Āina (land), the Ea (air), the Wai (water) and most of all, the Kai (the ocean). Our name, Kai Kanani, is Hawaiian for “beautiful ocean.” Our Native Hawaiian tradition calls living in balance with the islands Malama ‘Aina.

A Tradition of Living in Balance

Malama ‘Aina is a level of caring for and living with the land that has been modeled by traditional Hawaiian society for thousands of years. This way of living is open to every single person that comes to the islands and lives in balance with the environment here. We continue in this tradition today.

Part of our malama ‘aina  is a long history of working with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund. The Fund is based on Maui and the Big Island and is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Hawaii’s native wildlife through research, education, and advocacy.

Working with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund

The Hawai’i Wildlife Fund team is made of educators, conservationists, researchers, naturalists, communities, volunteers and donors devoted to the protection of Hawaii’s fragile marine ecosystem and inhabitants. Over the years we’ve partnered with the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund on significant environmental protection issues.

Together we’ve helped end the practice of artificial fish feeding, cleaned debris from the shores of Kahoolawe (the smallest of the eight main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago which lies eleven miles southwest of Maui), launched the Maui Reef Fund to repair day use moorings, and are now encouraging industry-wide conservation measures, such as limiting the amount of damaging sunscreen in our waters.

We encourage and invite you to lend your support and time to the Hawai’i Wildlife Fund. Join us as we work to protect our natural legacy and live in harmony with ĀinaEa, Wai and the Kai Kanani.

Visit the website of the Hawaii Wildlife Fund and donate, volunteer, get involved! Mahalo!