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A lighter carbon footprint for Maui’s Gold Coast.

We are a Native Hawaiian family-owned company and we are committed to the quality of your experience in our marine sanctuary.  We gratefully acknowledge our place as caretakers and interpreters of this bountiful South Maui home.


A Lighter Carbon Footprint

Guests who sail Kai Kanani to Molokini Crater start closer than any other boat on the island. Transit times to Molokini Crater vary widely and usually take about an hour. We set the standard for the shortest distance at less than 15 minutes at a slow-cruise, drastically reducing your carbon footprint in this fragile paradise.


Maui’s Gold Coast

Also known as Maui’s Gold Coast, South Maui and the Wailea and Kihei areas are prized for their white sand beaches, calm and clear emerald-blue waters, and near-perfect weather year round.


Island-Fresh Food

We feature fresh island fare designed to energize and awaken your senses. All of our food is curated by The Market. The Market is a chef-inspired coffee and food shop in Wailea that specializes in ingredients that are locally-sourced and house-cured.